10 Free or Cheap At Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Free Cheap Home Valentine's Date Ideas

Does anyone else feel like Valentine’s Day is sort of overrated, but yet you don’t want to let it completely slip by? I hate going out on Valentine’s Day. You see it all: the couples on first or second dates making awkward conversation. The tired parents (probably us) who just wanted to get away from their kids for an hour but who can’t muster up the strength to converse. The girlfriend who is obviously pissed that the boyfriend hasn’t popped the question yet. And a dinner bill of $200.00 minimum.

No thanks.

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How We’re Aiming to be (Consumer) Debt Free by 35

debt free by 35

Law school (and my undergraduate degree in English, to be honest) set us back a pace financially. Throw a baby into the mix before second year, and we were essentially living way beyond our means. When I went to law school, our family had to survive on one income – and it didn’t go as far as we’d like. We unfortunately dipped into Tyler’s line of credit far too often, and when I found out what the balance was, I swear my heart stopped temporarily: it was basically equal to a second student loan. And not the portion of my student loan attributable to law school – my entire 7 years of post-secondary education.

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