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I’m Amanda. I’m a recent law school grad and — most importantly — Mama to a hilariously sweet and sassy four year old girl. I write about motherhood, minimalism, postpartum depression, and my ongoing attempts to attain work-life balance.

My Law School Journey

I first started thinking about law school in 2006. In 2007, I wrote the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) for the first time. And bombed it. I received my first round of rejection letters that spring, unsurprisingly. I gave up on the idea and applied to grad school instead. I entered the first year of a Master’s in Public Administration program, and instantly knew I had made a mistake. I took a few years off, traveled and worked, always wondering if I’d one day decide to re-write the LSAT and apply again. In 2010, I undertook a pretty intensive LSAT study program of my own devising (coupled with a prep course) and re-wrote the test again in December. When I received my score in early January, I was accepted at both schools I had applied to.

I moved three and a half hours away from my boyfriend (now fiancé), our home and all of our friends to attend 1L in 2011. It was the most difficult thing I ever did. As anyone in law school can attest to, first year was — in a word — grueling. I was older than most students and so unbearably homesick. I scraped by. I spent the entire school year and summer wondering if a career in law was really right for me. I had — and still have — awful social anxiety and all the schmoozing and networking made me sick to my stomach. I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

After working for a summer at a local law firm, I decided to take a break from law school in 2012. I was lucky in that my law school’s policy is to hold a students’ place in the program for six years from the date of admission. My fiancé and I traveled a bit and I found a new job: all while undertaking some pretty intense career counselling.

Soon after that, in October 2012, we found out we were expecting.

Life as a Mama

Our daughter was born in June 2013. The first few months following that are a complete blur. While never formally diagnosed, I battled some postpartum depression and anxiety following her birth. After spending 15 months at home with her, I finally went back to work and realized how much I missed adults. While I know I was lucky to stay home with her as long as I did, I have come to recognize that being a stay at home mom is just not for me. Being back at work allowed me to finally feel like myself again.

The window was closing, though, and I had to make a decision regarding my return to law school. If I didn’t go back that year, I would have lost my place. There were very few opportunities for me employment-wise, and I developed a renewed passion for social justice — particularly, children’s rights and reproductive justice. After some long, hard thought, my fiancé and I decided that returning to school was the best option for us. So we packed up our life and moved three and a half hours away with our (then) two year old to another province to allow me to finish my last two years of law school.

I finally graduated in May 2017 and we just moved back home.

So here I am. Balancing motherhood and life as a lawyer-to-be. Stay tuned!


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