10 Free or Cheap At Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Free Cheap Home Valentine's Date Ideas

Does anyone else feel like Valentine’s Day is sort of overrated, but yet you don’t want to let it completely slip by? I hate going out on Valentine’s Day. You see it all: the couples on first or second dates making awkward conversation. The tired parents (probably us) who just wanted to get away from their kids for an hour but who can’t muster up the strength to converse. The girlfriend who is obviously pissed that the boyfriend hasn’t popped the question yet. And a dinner bill of $200.00 minimum.

No thanks.

[Side note: I hate using the term ‘boyfriend’. He’s not a boy — that would be wrong. I hate using the term ‘fiance’ (it sounds so over the top). I feel like a fraud calling him my ‘husband’. I hate the term ‘hubby’ (and vow never to use it if we ever do get married). I use ‘spouse’ or ‘partner’ most often, but this just confuses people. So… I usually call him my ‘guy’. (This kind of makes me feel like I’m living in the 1950’s.) I should really just call him my Baby Daddy — B.D. for short].

We’re working pretty hard to pay down some serious debt this year, and that’s why we’ll be spending Valentine’s Day at home – just where I want to be. If you’re planning on spending your Valentine’s Day at home, too, I’ve come up with a list of 10 cheap (or free!) at home Valentine’s Day date ideas.

  1. Master Chef Cook-off. This is a tested and true idea in our home. For some reason, we always do this on Valentine’s day. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is a bit cheesy anyway, and I often prefer to stay home. We eat a snack to tide ourselves over until after bedtime, and then cook something new together – or something that differs from your average everyday meal. Light the candles and lay out your best flatware. It’s so much better to cook at home together.
  2. Spa night. There’s no guy who would turn down a spa night. Seriously — guys are suckers for spa nights. Grab a couple of sheet masks, hair treatments, etc., and set up a spa in your living room complete with candles and spa music.
  3. 50/50 date – spend half the time doing something he loves, and the other half doing something you love. (I’d make him watch either Napolean Dynamite, or the version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio in it and eat chocolate cake whereas he’d probably want to teach me magic tricks – not the sexy kind, either).
  4. Work on a scrapbook together. This was seriously one of the most memorable things we did together. Every trip we go on, we usually keep a few momentos and photos. It’s so much fun to put them all together in a scrapbook and reminisce.
  5. Scavenger hunt. My B.D. absolutely loves puzzles and escape rooms. While I don’t have the technical expertise or wherewithal to create a full scale escape room, I know he’d love a scavenger hunt. I’ve organized so many over the years that I’ve never actually carried out.
  6. Games night. Again, my B.D. would play board games all day, every day. Hands down. While I definitely wouldn’t call myself someone who loves games, I do love spending the time with him. For our 5 year anniversary I made a custom version of Monopoly called “Lovopoly”. I love playing that with him because it brings me back to where we were at the 5 year mark. It’s so crazy to see how things have changed.
  7. Romantic comedy movie marathon. 50 First Dates. The Wedding Singer. The 5 Year Engagement. Need I say more? These are all movies my guy will watch with me over and over again, because they’re funny, too. Pop some popcorn or make a special treat and cuddle up.
  8. Plan your future. Seriously. It totally brings you closer together. Ask yourselves what you imagine the next 5 years will be like. Plan a trip together. Set some mutual goals. Talk about the kids and what you want to see them doing. This is a great way to remind yourself that you’re truly in a partnership and to remember that your other half is just as invested in it as you are.
  9. Take personality tests. We’ve done the MBTI tests, the 5 Love Languages, and a few others. I’ve learned so much about how the guy ticks. It has been seriously revolutionary.
  10. Create a piece of art together. I absolutely love the piece of art we made together that hangs downstairs. We had a lot of really great conversation while we were working on it and it’s a reminder of the time we spent together.

How are you spending your Valentine’s day?

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