My Word for 2018 + How to Set Goals You Can Actually Keep

How to set goals you can actually keep

Happy 2018!

Didn’t 2017 feel like it was the longest year ever? There was so much jam-packed into one year – both good and bad. I thought 2018 would never come.

I know it sounds cliché, but I’m such a sucker for a new beginning. The former student in me still feels this way in September, too. I love the feeling of having a ‘blank slate’. I love setting goals and all of the possibilities that come with a new year. The new year feels fresh with promise. This year, I’m focusing on:

  • Improving my health. This includes my physical health (exercising more, eating more healthily, drinking more water, getting better sleep, doing yoga, etc.) and my mental health (pursuing my passions, setting aside more time for self-care, writing, bullet journalling and the like);
  • Reducing our debt. This one is huge. This year we’re allocating my entire after tax salary to debt repayment and living on one income alone. If we keep it up, we’ll be consumer debt free in 3.5 years and maybe I’ll finally be able to sleep at night again.
  • Simplifying life (shocker, right?). This year I’m focusing on simplifying our home, my wardrobe, our schedules and our diet.

This year my word is (and don’t act too surprised, because you can probably guess it):


What does ‘simplify’ mean to me?

  • It means slowing down and enjoying the little moments
  • It means not rushing from one thing to the next
  • It means knowing when to say no, and when I’ve spread myself too thin
  • It’s spending more time with my family and the people who matter most to me, and less time with people who don’t
  • It’s carefully selecting who I allow in my life
  • It’s being mindful and grateful
  • It’s being as simple and intentional at home as possible
  • It means letting go of some of the ‘little’ things that used to bother me so much
  • It’s about putting my best interests first and speaking my truths
  • It means choosing quality over quantity.

So, how am I going to accomplish this in 2018?

I’m going to be more organized. I’m going to spend more time at home. I’m going to choose what works for me and stop saying ‘yes’ because I have FOMO. I’m not going to beg or ask someone to make time for me in their life. I’m going to read and write more. I’m going to wake earlier and go to bed earlier. I’m going to rush less, and eat better food. I’m going to kiss my daughter’s cheeks as often as I can, and soak in the way her hair smells and admire her innocence while it remains. I’m going to spend more time outside, in nature, and less time glued to my computer and phone. I’m going to set limits for myself and not beat myself up. I’m going to exercise but only in ways that I enjoy. I’m going to spend more time by the ocean. I’m going to look less for miracle “fixes” (which are never miracles, after all), and focus instead on slow and steady progression to my goals.

There are so many ways I can live my ‘word’ in 2018.

Now that 2018 is here, have you set your ‘intentions’ for the year? Do you have resolutions or goals to reach? What is your ‘word’ for 2018?

I do strongly suggest the following to you, if you are – like me – starting ‘fresh’ this year:

    • Consider starting a bullet journal. I’ve written about them before, but they are life-changing. They are part planner/organizer and part journal. In short, you can make them whatever you want them to be because they are entirely self-designed. Find a great notebook, google ‘Bullet Journal’ and get inspired. I’ve fallen off the wagon since I graduated, and I do use a regular planner at work, but I’m missing the ‘journalling’ aspect of my bullet journal, so I’ll be starting one again. I use it to plan my outfits, my blog posts, my appointments, and to list out what I’m grateful for each day. I track my health and fitness goals in there, too. This is the journal I use:

  • At the very least, start a gratitude journal. I used to keep a small notebook in my bag and each day I’d list 3 things I was grateful for that day. I have to say, it helped me through some VERY hard times.
  • Write down your goals. This makes you more likely to keep them in the new year.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • Break your goals down into tasks and sub-tasks. This helps make them more achievable over time.

Make sure you leave a comment or share this post if you felt inspired. 😊 I’d love to hear what your goals are / word is for 2018!

Wishing you the best new year ever,

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    1. Thank you so much! I am finding that the combo of bullet journaling and writing down what I am grateful for is really a game changer!