The Article That Inspired Me to Pursue a Minimalist Motherhood

minimalist motherhood

Hey, friends!

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I fell off the #Blogmas Bandwagon — HARD. It turns out, the more expectations I place on myself, the more anxious I feel (funny how that works, huh? :P). I promise I’ll be back to posting, soon.

For now I wanted to share the article that changed the way I view motherhood. It was written by someone I consider to be HUGELY inspiring every single day, Allie Casazza, who you should definitely check out if you are at all intrigued by the idea of simplifying your life or living more minimally. She’s a Mama of four and I think she’s on to something huge with her concept of ‘simple’ motherhood. She’s a source of constant inspiration to me.

For me, minimalism has really helped me to breathe. I was choking on the clutter in my home and couldn’t sleep until everything was just ‘so’. There are still some changes I’d like to make, but we’re getting there. I may drive my spouse crazy (he is the least minimal person I know), but I have noticed that I have been feeling happier, less stressed out, and less prone to depression and the crippling anxiety that used to overcome me and leave me incapacitated.

Anyway, I’m ranting. Allie’s article was recently posted on HuffPost. It is a MUST read. Check it out here and be sure to share it if you’re inspired!

Yours in all things minimal,


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