My Top 5 Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschool Kids

Top 5 Gifts for Preschool Kids

Is it just me, or am I feeling like the only person who isn’t properly prepared for Christmas this year? It seems that EVERYONE is on their A game this year, with a ton of baking, decorating and shopping already under their belts. Me? Hah. Girl, I’m just trying to get through the week.

That being said, we’re determined to have – and to enjoy – a VERY pared down holiday this year. The student loan fairy has made her visit, and Mama’s not left with much else after the fact. I want to get this debt paid down quickly – and for me, that means taking it a bit easy this Christmas in the gift giving department.

The perfect thing is: it fits well with our new move toward minimalism, and our kiddo (age 4) couldn’t care less what she gets! So it’s a great year to begin.

I’m a firm believer in buying sturdy, long-lasting and educational toys that will grow with her throughout the years. I try my best not to buy anything too ‘gender specific’ or ‘Princess-y’. I try to avoid “characters” and other branded items, too. We also don’t watch TV at home, so it does make it a bit easier to avoid this kind of thing, in my view.

I asked E what she wanted for Christmas this year. She responded with “more [play] money and more food for my kitchen”.

Exciting? Not really… but at least she’s specific.  Here’s what I have my eye on this year (and they’re all under $50.00 — so, budgetary win!):

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. While I’ve not been paid to write this post, I earn a small commission from clicks and purchases made of these products. 😊 All opinions are my own!

Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout


We currently have the Yookidoo Submarine Play Station  and she is OBSESSED. This thing never gets old and we’ve had it for 2 years. It’s the perfect bath toy for young toddlers all the way up to preschoolers. Seriously fun. That’s why I’m considering adding the Flow ‘N Fill Spout to our bathtime repertoire.

V-Tech Kidizoom Camera PixChristmas

I took photos of a family this fall, and their little one (also 4) had this camera with her. It was SO cool. It was durable as heck (after I noticed her drop it a few times…), and the picture quality was impressive. E is obsessed with taking photos right now, especially when she sees me using my DSLR. We’re not HUGE on electronics here but this one may be worth looking into.

Fairy Garden


I’m sorry but does this not look fun as heck? Or am I just wishing I were 7 again? I would have totally been into this. I was such a nerdy kid and was obsessed with trolls and fairies and gnomes. Annnnnnnnyway, apparently my inner child wants this.

Hape Salad Kit


I absolutely LOVE Hape products. They are so sturdy and they last forever. This is one set I’m considering… (on the off chance it’ll make her more likely to eat salads?).

Grow N’ Glow Terrarium


I always try to throw in something science-related. This looks somewhat age appropriate (with a parent’s help, of course) and I have a feeling E would love it (and her dad, too… maybe more than her.)

I know she’s going to be spoiled rotten by other family members, so I’m glad we’re keeping it simple this year. Now to choose which items to buy, and we’ll be all set. I think these toys really have the potential to grow with her, which is what’s most important for me.

What’s on your kid’s Christmas list this year?

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