The Simple Routines I Follow to Start My Week Off Right


I posted earlier today on Instagram about how much I hate Sundays. They just feel like another Monday to me. Maybe even worse. For some reason we’re all perpetually cranky in this house on Sunday mornings. Today was no exception. I spent the first half of the day stewing, but managed to recover later in the day and ended up being super productive. We even spent some time at the library checking out books before we headed to the grocery store. [I asked my 4 year old what she’d rather do: go to the library or the park. Of course she picked the library. She’s a girl after my own heart].

Sundays are critical for me, and they help me set the mood for the coming week. I know it’s going to be an INSANE week at work this week, and if I don’t plan properly I’m setting myself up to be exhausted and cranky. So today I forced myself to come out  of my Sunday funk and decided to kick up the productivity to 150%.

Meal plan on Sundays

We’re on a sort of tight new budget, and I’ve allocated $100 per week for groceries. This means that on Sundays I’ll make a quick list of meals for the week and shop accordingly just before dinner on Sunday evening. It was a relatively quick and painless grocery store trip because I didn’t have much to get (and only spent $72.00 – go me!). But now I know what we’re having for lunch and dinner for the week.

Make lunches for the next day as you’re making dinner

Tonight’s dinner was stupidly simple: grilled cheese, veggies and soup. I made myself an extra sandwich for tomorrow and packed it just after dinner when we were putting the dishes away.

Always use leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind eating the same thing twice in a row, this makes life SO EASY. Just make a little extra at dinner time.

Abandon the idea of chef-worthy meals

We are all just struggling to get by, here. As long as our kids eat vegetables once in a blue moon, we need to chill with the 3 course lovingly-prepared Pinterest-esque meals. We all know that we have only a few minutes after work to prepare dinner before meltdown mode ensues. Choose the best of the ‘quick’ options available at your local grocer (see above re grilled cheese and tomato soup) and ditch the guilt.

Get the backpacks ready just after the kids are in bed

I packed our four year old’s backpack for school just as I headed out the door of her room. There was no time to even sit down in between, and it’ll make tomorrow morning run more smoothly.

Shower the night before

BUT, don’t shower right before bed. Going to bed with wet hair is not ideal, for lots of reasons. Shower preferably right after you pack the kids’ backpacks.

Fold a load of laundry as you’re watching your trashy TV

So easy, I don’t even need to explain it. It’s mindless – and painless. I normally hate folding but this makes it go by so quickly.

Lay out your outfits (and the kids’ outfits, if they’ll let you)

This saves me from running around like a crazy person in the morning looking for ‘that’ shirt.


Seriously. Be in bed by 10, if you can. I’m normally in bed by 11, and I still find that too late sometimes. (I’m also an old woman in a 32 year old’s body).

Meditate to help you fall asleep

If you’re like me, your mind may race trying to fall asleep. Try an app like Headspace or find a great guided mediation to lull you into sleep. It is so freaking relaxing. Trust me. Here are some I’ve used: or

Follow these tips, and Monday morning should be easy like… Sunday morning (in anyone’s house but mine).

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  1. Read this around 515am thins morning . Very inspiring .got some stuff done this am instead of lazing around. Thanks 🙏

    1. That’s fantastic news! I meant to get it published earlier in the day, but you know — life. 🙂 So glad you found it useful! <3