The Bullet Journal Hack That Makes Meal Planning a Breeze

The Bullet Journal Hack That Makes Meal Planning a Breeze (1)

Anyone who knows me #IRL knows two things about me. Well, maybe three:

I’m terrible at cooking and meal planning in general;
I love bullet journalling; and,
I’m all about saving time, especially in the evenings.

The Bullet Journal Hack That Makes Meal Planning a Breeze (1)

Needless to say, when I discovered this bullet journal ‘spread’ (as we call them in the bullet journalling world — hah, I realize how cool I sound), I was thrilled to discover that it ticked all the boxes simultaneously.

{Full disclaimer: my bullet journal isn’t pretty. It’s functional. It works for me. While I’ve always been envious of the gorgeous calligraphy and the adorable drawings, trying to emulate them in my own bullet journal just caused me a lot of undue stress. Although I will admit, the more I use my bullet journal, the more artistic I feel I’m becoming. It’s sort of a win-win.}

We’re famous around here for our lack of planning. We have the best of intentions, sure, but they all come crashing down the moment one of us has to stay late or has a meeting or some sort of event going on that evening. And on top of that, the two of us are so. freakin’. indecisive. “What do you want for dinner?” is met with the reply: “I don’t know, what do you want?” And so on and so forth until one of us is crying. (I kid. Or do I?).

Enter the reusable meal-planner bullet journal spread. It’s not pretty, but it’s easily the most used page in the entire book. Each week, we’ll assess what we have in the freezer on Sunday, and move the reusable tabs around to plan our meals until the following Sunday. It takes about two minutes, tops. Then, I take a photo of it with my cell phone (because I don’t carry my journal everywhere I go), and we’re set for the week.

FullSizeRender (1)

I plan on making one for my capsule wardrobe in the coming months, because I really find that — like meal planning — planning my outfits on Sundays goes a long way in helping me maintain some semblance of sanity in my otherwise chaotic world.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a bullet journal, check out for some helpful information. It’s part journal, part day planner, part calendar, and it has seriously been a game changer for me. I plan to blog every so often about my bullet journal and how I use it to [try] to organize our sometimes chaotic schedules.

In the meantime, I hope you find this useful. For anyone with a family ‘command centre’, you could even create this on a larger scale — which would work well, too.




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  1. I love this for multiple reasons. First of all, lets be realistic, who has the time for those absolutely perfect bullet journals, it is something that turns me away from it as I am a perfectionist, what if I mess up the perfect lettering. Yours is real life! Also, The fact that you evaluate what you already have! Huge money saver!

    1. Oh my gosh, I totally agree! I don’t understand who has the time for all the fancy lettering and such. Mine is certainly not pretty but it gets the job done and right now, that’s all I care about! I definitely won’t win the best hand-writing award, but hey — at least my meals are planned! 😉 Thanks for the comment! <3

    1. Ohhh great idea! I’ll have to keep that in mind for lunches when my kiddo starts school, too. 🙂 Glad you found it useful!

  2. This is a genius concept! I have my own meal plan system but I wouldn’t mind giving this method a try to see how it works for us. And…yes…the term “spread” does sound pretty cool! – Amy

    1. I’m so glad you find it useful! It really changed things up for us. I like seeing all our options put together and then narrowing down from there. 🙂