How to Banish Mom Guilt and Take the Day off This Mother’s Day

I’ve heard it too many times: we’re all desperately in need of some time off, but yet Mom Guilt rears its ugly head, preventing us from asking for it.

Mom Guilt is the strangest phenomenon I’ve encountered since becoming a Mom. I used to laugh at friends with kids when they described it. I was positive it wouldn’t happen to me – as I smugly drank my post-work daiquiri while they dutifully shuffled off to pick up their kids from daycare.


It doesn’t matter who you are – Mom Guilt doesn’t discriminate. It will find you, and it will stay with you, eating away at you like a visit from your Mother in Law.

Mother’s Day is this weekend. If you – like me – need the day off, I strongly urge you to follow these steps:

1. Prepare your partner and kid(s) in advance. Let them know that Mommy is taking the day off on Sunday, and therefore all queries must be directed to Daddy/other caregiver.

2. Consider drafting a contract. Maybe it’s the law student in me, but nothing is more steadfast than a contract. Here’s a sample one if you’re stuck:


3. Remember that, although you think you are the only one who can make little Bobby’s sandwiches just the way he likes them (with the smiley mustard), it’s only one day. Your children will not perish if they eat only popcorn and granola bars. Remember that, although father/alternate caregiver may seem like a complete buffoon by times, you did procreate with him, so you must have trusted him at least subconsciously to keep your offspring alive.

4. Take a deep breath. Stock up on wine and earplugs (if you’re staying home, which I don’t recommend). Consider purchasing that novel you’ve been wanting to read, going for a long uninterrupted walk, booking a massage, or soaking in a bubble bath all day long.

5. Thank me later.

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  1. Yes! It’s so hard for moms to relax and just take the day off. My 10 month old caught a cold and I’m seriously running around on about 3 hours of sleep for the past week. Thanks for the reminder. I might leave this evening for a little while and have hubby take the kiddo haha.

    1. YES! Sometimes a walk is the best cure for insanity. I find it to be a great way to clear my head!